Tips to improve your SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Is this a term that confuses you? If so, you are not alone.

It doesn’t have to be confusing and there are many people out there that can help you to understand SEO.

I recently attended the EPIC Business Planning Summit run by the Connection Exchange and was part of the event team helping with graphic design, event advice and social media.

The session on SEO was of particular interest to me as it is an area that I like many others struggles to understand.

Shae Baxter’s presentation, ‘How to get more targeted traffic in 2015, and build your brand as a bonus’

According to Shae, SEO is the process of optimising your website so that your pages or blog content appear for the key words that you would like to rank for – you are found by the people that are looking for you.

Here are some of the tips that I picked up from Shae:

There are 156 million blogs online today and over 2 million blog posts published each day! This makes getting ranked on Google harder than ever before because there is so much content out there.

5 or 10 years ago SEO was easier purely for the fact that there wasn’t as much content online and it is only going to get harder.

So it is important that you think about what your ideal client is typing into Google.

SEO now is about building the right trust signals with Google by creating the right great content to positioning yourself as an expert in your field so that Google ranks you higher in search results.

Re-think the way you do your content – you cant win by covering and regurgitating content that is already out there and has been written many times before. You need to create content that people want to read, not what you think people want to read. In doing so, you will stand out from your competition in a crowded market place.

Use free tools to research keywords like or uber suggest, Soovle, Google’s autocomplete feature or Google keyword planner tool. Talk to you customers and participate in forums to find out what people are looking for.

Google does not need fresh updated content – this is a myth – you do not need to blog regularly.

Google wants fresh, relevant, valuable and original content that gets shared.

Create content that people will be willing to share.

Make content the heart of your strategy but content marketing should not replace SEO – it should work with SEO.

Focus on your content, create a post that will cut through the clutter. When you choose a complex topic and simplify it for your audience you will rank more highly in Google. Make sure your post is long and detailed and the content around the topic is super useful and helpful to your readers.

Shae also shared her Three step content cut-through system in the presentation:

Step 1 – Uncover low competition, high converting keywords.

Steo 2 – Publish content around those keywords.

Step 3 – Promote your content.

EPIC Business Planning Summit Digital Pass

If you like what I shared here and want to know more about Shae’s Three step content cut-through system, you can purchase the digital pass to the event here and get access to all 7 video sessions and access to the closed EPIC Events Community facebook page.

About Shae Baxter


As the creator of Get Your Blog Read By Millions, Shae teaches bloggers how to use the power of SEO – Search Engine Optimization – to make it easier for clients, customers and fans to discover your work.

Shae’s goal is to remove the overwhelm and frustration out of SEO so you can focus on your business – doing the work you love. All you need to do is focus on creating the best, authentic content that builds relationships, trust and credibility to make Google and your audience love you.

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