Defining your target audience

Whatever business you are in, you are not trying to get everyone as a customer but spending some time defining your target audience will ensure that your marketing activities are reaching the right people.

Whatever it is that you are selling, it is important to understand who your customer is and why they buy your product or service to maximise your marketing efforts.

Before you invest in marketing your business it is crucial to set out some time to define who your target audience is.

The following steps can be used as a guide when defining your target audience:

Identify the problem

What is the problem that your product or service will solve for your customers? Write it down, there may be more than one.

How do you solve it?

How do you, as a business solve the problem for your customers? What is it about your product or service that will make your customer’s life easier? What is the group of people that often encounter this problem?

Who will gain value?

Think about what your customers stand to lose if they don’t get help with these problems? In demonstrating this to them, the product or service becomes much for valuable.

Identify your niche

Think about who these people are. Are they small business owners? Male or female? Think about the demographics, the particular types of people that will benefit from your product or service. Spend some time thinking about the groups of people that have the problem listed above that you can solve.

Where can you find them?

Think about where they spend their time. Will you find them online, or will you find them at networking events? Take the notes you made when identifying your niche and work out what their interests are, what are they reading, watching and doing.

Refine your target audience

Review the notes you have made from the steps listed above and refine who your target audience is. Focus on the market that most needs your help with their problem as they are the ones that have the most to lose.

Evaluate your audience

Evaluate your target audience based on your product or service offerings. Does your product of service solve their problem? Are there any gaps or new areas that you have identified?

Test your market

Now that you have identified your market and know that your product or service solves a problem for them, go out and test it. Get customers on board and give them the opportunity to work with you. You shouldn’t need to spend a lot of money testing it. You could look to offer a discount to your current networks.

Review your offering against your target audience

Now that you have had time to test your product or service with your target audience, you can review whether it did solve their problem. Once you have tested and reviewed your audience against your product or service you are ready to put yourself out there and get new clients.

Spending the time to go through this process gives you a great foundation to create a marketing plan as you are clear on who you want to target. Once you have been in business for a little while you can evaluate who your audience is. You can do this though customer surveys and feedback with the people you are working with to ensure that you are helping to solve a problem for them.


If you need help defining your target audience, Sarah can help. Get in touch with her below to discuss how she can work with you to define your target audience.

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